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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Brief Introduction

I’m Arion the Blue, the High Druid of Durham.

That sounds impressive – or pompous – I know, but I got that name back in my misspent youth. When I got it, it was really more of a description than a title.

But I am a Druid, that is, a follower of the Neo-Pagan religion of Druidism, a cousin of Wicca. I’m a Wiccan, too, and a wizard, which just shows you how accommodating Neo-Paganism can be. Consider these names, like my title, to be descriptions. How do you know a druid? S/he does druid-y things. Same for wizard, witch, and Wiccan. All of these words have a root meaning of “wise”, so I like to consider myself a practitioner of a Wisdom Religion, as opposed to a Faith. Faith plays a role in Neo-Paganism, but Wisdom is really the focus.

So what does a Druid do? Blog, for one. Traditionally, the ancient Druids were the professional class (doctor, lawyer, archivist, priest, auger, herbalist, scientist, poet, singer/songwriter, etc.) of the pre-Christian Celts. Among their functions was keeping an eye on the lords and kings of the warrior class and making sure they didn’t get out of hand. Other functions included social commentary and criticism, predicting the future, speaking on issues of morality and ethics, and generally ministering to their community. Thus, a blog is a perfectly druidical sort of thing to do.

My community is both here, in Durham, North Carolina (“The City that Cancer and Fat People Built”) and more broadly across the internet. My “ministry”, such as it is, is not reserved exclusively for my fellow Pagans; indeed, a Druid of an area was responsible for ALL the people in that area, regardless of religion. And while I will be discussing Paganism from time to time, much of my focus on this blog will be in areas of interest to non-Pagans. Exactly what that might be, I’m not certain, yet, but you can bet it will include: the future, politics, economics, sex, entertainment, kids (I have 3), marriage (I have 1), science fiction and Southern stuff. Be prepared for some blistering commentary. And don’t be afraid to ask me questions about Neo-Paganism, Wicca, and Druidism.

Without further ado, let the rancor begin!

Arion the Blue


Blogger Joe said...

I once asked Virginia if I cold be a neo-pagan and drive a bulldozer. She said yes. But how about Druid bulldozer drivers? With huge chain-saw hands, maybe?

5:42 PM  
Anonymous John Byrd said...

In order for me to accept any of this, I need you to define and demonstrate: "credible, objective proof". --John Byrd--

9:32 AM  

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