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Thursday, February 16, 2006

An Open Letter to Dawn Ostroff

An Open Letter to Dawn Ostroff

Dear Ms. Ostroff:

I admit, I had mixed emotions about the merger between UPN and the WB networks to create the “CW” network. On the one hand, both small networks have produced some quality programming (and, sadly, some less than stellar) over the years, taking programming risks that larger companies would not. As a result, a number of hit shows that would have languished on the larger networks were allowed to flourish. On the other hand, the combination of companies will undoubtedly make the resulting network stronger, as the better shows from both networks are combined. And then there is the chance for new programming, the subject of my letter.

Bring back Firefly.

Yeah, I said it. You have experienced the incredible talent that Joss Whedon and his creative posse possess before. You know how fanatical his fans can be. This is an opportunity to bring high-quality programming, with an established track record and built-in fanbase, to the new network in truly superlative fashion.

Unlike the Angel/Buffy crew of stars, the Firefly cast has yet to sign on for long-term projects elsewhere. They are all still available. The set of Serenity is still there (I believe) and the enthusiasm that everyone shared for the show is just as present now, after the movie. This is a show that has already gone through the painful (and expensive) development phase already, has attracted a core of die-hard fans who are very active, very vocal, and loyal to the extreme, and has already proven its “legs” in a very well-received feature film.

Yes, there are obstacles in the way. Whedon is working in comics, on movies, and is far from his TV roots. The cast is looking at guest shots and searching for more permanent work. The crew that was so integral to the experience has in many cases moved on. But I believe every one of them would jump back on board, if given the opportunity.

This is the world of TV. Anything can be done if you want to badly enough – and I speak for about a million Browncoats when I say we want it badly enough. I therefore strongly encourage you to open negotiations with Whedon, et. al. and return this outstanding series to television. Whedon, for all of his genius, really needs an episodic format in which to develop the characters that drive his stories, and CW is going to need so thick, meaty, and popular fare to survive more than a year or two. Do us all a favor and lure Whedon to your new creation. Get him his ship, his crew. And put us in the air again.

You won’t regret it, I swear. Hell, the DVD revenues alone would make it pay.


Terry Mancour


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